HEY GAME CHANGER... You're ready to impact the world, aren't you?

Then leave behind the uncertainty, 

say good-bye to the self doubt,

toss who you feel "forced" to be.


Feel fully expressed, confident and safe in your choices.




Why is Unshakable Good for you?

  • 1

    You will get to build a SOLID & SACRED Foundation for your Life & Business.

    It's easy to lose focus when you're dedicated to changing the lives of others. As game changers, we face decisions and options on a daily basis. We are told what we need to do, what's most important, and who we need to be in order to succeed. This, subconsciously and consciously, affects us if we don't have a solid center that keeps us grounded and on the right path. Not anymore! Develop an unshakable core and learn how to come back to it for confidence in your life and business, allowing you to manifest great impact in your world.

  • 2

    You will CONFIDENTLY pursue your passion & purpose. 

    Learn the root of your passion and purpose beyond the tools that you know, and charge confidently toward an intentional life and business of purpose and impact. Many times we follow our passions using the breadcrumbs we've been given. Experience tools, such as astrology, that serve as a way for us to be shown our full-on purpose and potential. Discover this and feel confident in the VAST options for you to carry out your passion without feeling like everyone else, doing "the same thing". 

  • 3

    You will release stories & energetic strongholds that have held you back from your potential.

    You've had that voice in the back of your head for far too long. The one that replays your story over and over again, attempting to shame you into NOT leading the life you desire to lead. Perhaps you know exactly what's getting in your way... or maybe you have no idea why you simply CAN'T bring yourself to take action and move forward. NO MORE! Let's get to the root, clear out the noise, and feel free, self-validated, confident, secure, and straight-up excited to step into your power.

  • 4

    You will feel clarity in your purpose & connection to your identity.

    Discover a new way to connect to your divine identity so that you are not swayed by the pull of ideas and actions that don't align with your highest mission. Identifying and engaging with the most important connection there is allows you to remain focused, authentic, transparent, purposeful and impactful without losing yourself  in the hype.


Here's What You'll Get!

My program includes six modules that shake off the old paradigms, within which you have tried to fit and make it all work, and clears space for the new paradigm in which you will thrive and grow! Make this shift with this program and see the power of what you can create!


There is a seventh, BONUS module you will receive as my special gift to you!

This special module was created to guide you as you create and grow a purposeful business rooted in the ideals

of the new paradigm presented to you in the six, core modules.

Holy Up Leveling! 

Up-leveling hits every single area of your life. Learn about all the stages and how to mark yourself present in your process for maximum growth and impact. 

Obstacles & Alchemy

Everything impeding you from stepping into your power is rooted in way more than you think. Discover where those obstacles come from and transform your thoughts into potent strength.

Your Identity Imprint

Make the shift to embody your authentic identity. See how life has brought you exactly to where you are and learn how to operate from THAT divine place. 

Radical Presence

One size truly does not fit all. Find out what nurtures your divine identity for optimum growth, so you can embody your identity and protect it. 

Creating Wonderland

Enter into the world of co-creation. Explore what is yours to create and tap into the expanded vision for your purpose here... then, create it.  

Your Divine Impact 

Listen to the battle-cry for your purpose. Understand the importance of your role in this new space and the beautiful responsibilities therein.

BONUS MODULE: New Paradigm Biz

This bonus module is just right for those whose journey has led them to a purposeful business. Whether you have one, or have thought about it, this module will show you the New Paradigm Biz way of creating a powerful foundation FOR YOUR BUSINESS.

I'm Darling

Here's the scoop...


For 7 years I have been working with entrepreneurs who have a HUNGER to change the world one life at a time.


The game-changers.


In my experience with you all, and being one myself, I've learned the ups that are published... and I've witnessed the downs that are kept secret. I've lived it. Over time, I became the go-to coach for game changers who want to save the world without losing themselves


I have created UNSHAKABLE exactly for this reason. Its heart, its constant healing... and its practical boot-camp. 


I consider it an honor to take this journey with you. Let's get out there and change lives together. 

Unshakable has you covered...

On top of the digital modules, lessons and downloadable action sheets, you get to enjoy the following benefits:


You are not alone. You get lifetime access to the private Facebook Group for community, support and solidarity.


Get bi-weekly one-on-one strategy, guidance and healing sessions with Darling when you join the guided version.


Yearly Unshakable retreats, exclusive trainings and guidance offerings, and complimentary resources for LIFE.

These Unshakable Gamechangers Approve:

Meghan M.

I felt fully seen.

Darling was able to connect me with all the scattered, fragmented pieces I had been collecting and unite them into a beautiful whole that is a true reflection of “me” She truly has a genuine gift of being able to pinpoint purpose and connect you with it! Whether you are looking to dig deep into your own inner work or connect with your unlocked potential, you need this. 

Christine Cooley

Her wisdom and intuition are timely and valuable. 

I had no idea how I wanted to be seen in the world, I just knew that I needed to step up my game. Through Darling's help and guidance, I now have a beautifully designed website and so much more insight into some of my own doubts and fears concerning how I want to show up in the world. She's been fantastic to work with, and I couldn't recommend her more!

Esi Evans

Integrative, embodied, practical, yet otherworldly.

She took the time to walk with me through my limiting beliefs, no bypassing, and stood side by side with me I as I journeyed toward more self awareness.Thank you for the fragments you have helped guide back to me Darling! I now possess the power and wherewithall to claim my dreams!

Willemijn Maas

To say it's made a difference is a euphemism

Her mentorships have been truly transformational for me. The program offers the right amount of reflection, cohesion, community, and care. Darling always advocates for self-care and sovereignty first, to help you step into your true calling and power. The techniques she uses to clear out limiting beliefs and blocks, and the tools and approach within the programs are very helpful, empowering, and practical.

Martha Hornby

I felt like someone punched me in the face with glitter!

I taught people into their worthiness… It wasn’t a conversation I had with myself because I thought I was there. Immediately after this program something in my identity changed and those changes shifted the WHOLE of my existence. EVERYTHING in my life up leveled on a quantum level. I received clarity in my business, I found joy in my day job AND got a massive promotion, and I found love. Straight up. My life is transitioning and it is magical to experience. I don’t have appropriate words for it.

Kira Mathieson

An amazing experience! 

Darling had this way of pinpointing the block and obstacles that kept me from taking the next step forward to that place that I desired to be in. She’ll help you get to the root of your problem. She shows you how to do the work for YOURSELF. It’s an inner journey. She inspires you to want to dive within to get the answers that were there all along. She helps you see the steps to take to get to this beautiful place in your life. Doing this is taking a decision to uncover truths of who you are, putting energy into self discovery and knowing who you are. 

Is this Course Right for You?

This is for you if...

  • ...you are committed to yourself and making an impact on everyone you come in contact with.

  • ...you find yourself on the verge of up-leveling and don't understand why you haven't leaped. 

  • ...you feel tired and have thought about giving up... but give way too many sh*ts to do so.  

  • ...you know you're called to do BIGGER things. 

  • ...you're ready to kick self-doubt, fear, and lack of confidence to the curb, and bring your gifts out to the world to lead a satisfying, impactful life with zero reservations.

  • ...you're tired of people trying to motivate you with THEIR lifestyles, and are ready to dive into YOUR OWN AUTHENTIC lifestyle. 

  • ...you're not ready to come this far... just to come this far.

This is NOT for you if...

  • ...you're not willing to go within in order to expand outwardly.

  • ... you're chasing someone else's lifestyle... or bank account for that matter.

  • ...you are not willing to do, or invest in doing, the inner-work it takes to be Unshakable. 

  • ...you're looking for a quick fix rather than a consistent, life-changing program. 

  • ...you're not ready to own your sh*t.

  • ...you don't love people.

  • ...everything about this makes you cringe.

  • ...you didn't think "YES!"  as you scrolled through this page.

  • ...you don't feel a glimmer of hope right now. 

It's not over. There are bonuses!

Co-Creating with Astrology featuring Esoteric Astrologer, Ines Heals. 

This audio download walks you through what Esoteric Astrology is and how you could use it to tap further into your divine identity blueprint. Ines is absolute magic in this informational and in depth perspective of astrology.  

The Self Alchemy Method

The program that started it all! Get all 4 downloads and audios of my Self-Alchemy Method. This method allows you to transform YOUR story from what the world has wanted it to be... into what it TRULY is. 

Complimentary 45 min. Session with Darling

If I could offer the guided option to EVERYONE, I so totally would. So THIS is the next best thing to that. I want to MEET YOU! So I'm giving you a complimentary 45 minute session with me EVEN if you choose the self-guided option! 

Wanna be there Sept. 24th? You've got choices!


Self Guided



or 3 payments of $199


  • Access to digital program for 12 months. 

  • Access to digital program for 12 months. 

  • Lifetime access to the  Unshakable Facebook Community

  • Access to exclusive events & offers to all Unshakable members.

Fully Guided Limited Availability



or 3 payments of $555


  • Access to digital program for 12 months. 

  • 6 Bi-Weekly 60 min. Clarity, Guidance & Healing Sessions with Darling with weekly email check ins. 

  • Monthly Group Mastermind Sessions (3 total)

  • Lifetime access to the  Unshakable Facebook Community

  • Access to exclusive events & offers to all Unshakable members.


Have some questions? See if you can find yours below! 

When does it start and how long is the program?

Do I get a discount for paying in full?

Yep! The one-time payments come up to be around $100 cheaper than the payment plans. 

What if I decide I want guidance after starting?

Do you have an affiliate program?

Is this only for business owners?

What is your refund policy?

Due to the nature of this course, a refund option is not available. However, reach out to our team and we will be sure to make things right with you. 


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